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London Kent Acupuncture Health

Harley Street, Marylebone, Champneys Eastwell Manor, Ashford and Faversham,

''Hope is a great thing, but results can be miraculous''

Nutrition and diet is considered internal medicine in modern Chinese hospitals as well as being a key factor for all Health professionals worldwide who promote the eating of fruit and vegetables that is clinically proven to aid wellbeing and health.

In the UK alone the Governments campaign to promote the advantages of eating '5 a day' of fruit and vegetables is supported by clinical research to reduce heart disease and strokes.

The health food marketplace is bombarded with recommendations that are almost targeted on a symptomatic basis rather than restoring the body as a whole.

At Kent Acupuncture, nutrition is used to bring together the Western and Eastern medicine concepts of healthy eating to allow individuals a better understanding of the foods to help maintain health based on an individual’ s acute or chronic condition. This allows individuals to gain insight and knowledge of the benefits of the nutritional values within food that will assist in improving their health. Through this concept of understanding, you will increase antioxidants in your body that help reduce free radicals to ultimately strengthen the immune system and therefore allowing your body to regain health.

Individuals can become well through the management of food that aid as a preventative of disease where the body is restored to a natural state of balance.